Jobba med oss

Quality Control Co-ordinator



· Conduct and coordinate process and outgoing inspection activities with Quality champions and supervisors to ensure that product fully meets customer expectations.

· Identify best practice inspection techniques to these processes.

· Ensure quality standards / specifications are being adhered to in all manufacturing areas.

· Introduce SPC (Statistical process control) monitoring where necessary. Conduct Gauge RR (reproducibility and repeatability) studies where applicable.

· Identify and investigate any concerns and OOC (out of control) situations etc.

· Monitor improvement actions.

· Pro-actively prevent rejects and produce KPI quality reports in relation to reject performance.

· Communicate quality performance results at quality meetings.

· Conduct and introduce inspection techniques to machines and product in relation to supplier customer and right first-time methods.

· Investigate the root causes of defects and introduce corrective and preventative actions across all areas. Liaise with all departments to acquire accurate Root Cause & Preventative Actions that are verified as appropriate.

· Coordinating activities to deliver effective demo and final FAI (Final Article Inspection) on NPD (New Product Developments). Other testing and inspection as required.

· Facilitate outgoing and final inspection activities prior to shipment of product to customers i.e out of box, spot checks, etc.

· Participate in the Product Quality Planning activities to determine appropriate use of existing and new measurement systems during new tool or process design and start-up.

· Assist in pre-launch production trial run process monitoring.

· Assist in developing and delivering 6 sigma projects.

· Change control - Fast track BOM processing.

· Prepare reports by collecting, analysing, and summarizing data; making recommendations in relation to risks and improvements.

· Develop and submit PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) documents for new product launches to meet customer requirements on internally manufactured parts.

· Experience of quality assurance and control.

· Use of measurement equipment to check critical CTQ (critical to quality) dimensions – CMM (Co ordinating measurement machine), Vernier, automatic inspection machines, etc..

· Have a thorough understanding of problem-solving and quality improvement tools and techniques.

· Acts in an ethical and positive manner at all times, leading by example and earning the respect and trust of co-workers, customers, and suppliers.

· Fluency in fundamental PC based software tools — Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint and general PC fluency.

· Excellent written and oral communication skills.

· Positive attitude and team orientation.

· Good technical skills in analysing and validating quality data.

· Familiarity with standard units of measure and accuracy specifications for measurement devices.

· An engineering &/or electrical bias.

· Experience in collecting or validating quality data collection.

· Familiarity with ISO 9001.

· Experienced with the use of ERP systems in a manufacturing environment.