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Trials Technician

The Trials Technician will be responsible for moulding parts from tooling provided and to assess the quality and process capability of the tool(s).

The Role holder will review procedures and materials to understand any potential problems during the moulding process, and work with the respective departments to suggest & implement any changes that would help provide a process capable method of manufacture, along with any techniques that may increase productivity.

Trials Technicians are responsible for managing the handover of new products from R&D into production, helping to ensure that procedures are in place and adhered to, tools are fit for purpose, and all necessary documentation and training is in place.

They liaise with Production and Quality Department’s to assess and ensure Process Capability of new and existing products.

Trial Technicians check that the Bills of Materials (BOM’s) & Bill of Operations (BOO’s) information is current and correct.

The role holder may also be asked to carry out production work as well as the maintenance and cleaning of tools if and when needed.



  • Evaluate the current status of the new or modified tooling and appraise the processes to improve quality and productivity.
  • Review corrective actions, if any, and liaise with Engineering / Quality and R&D to implement and resolve them.
  • Responsibility of Trials will be for all areas of the manufacturing facility any area not familiar with the role holder should liaise with the team leader or supervisor of the area to seek assistance.
  • Evaluate, recommend and be accountable for driving changes in partnership with Engineering, Quality and R&D with a specific drive on tooling process capability
  • Ensure target dates and deadlines are met.
  • Trialling of new or modified tooling, jigs & figures to ensure they a capable to be handed over to production.
  • Evaluate and recommend changes if required.
  • Evaluate documentation and ensure that it is current.
  • Develop efficient production techniques to sustain quality and to reduce production costs for effective ease of manufacture.
  • Assist in checking and verifying training manuals and work instructions as well as documenting and implementing stable processes.
  • Start-up operation of production methods/ lines, developing training modules using developed Work Instructions manuals to training production staff.
  • Implement process changes and procedures, communicate and train people on changes. Set up processes to monitor improvements.
  • Aid the Quality Department in assessing CAR: NCR & ECN’s, with a view to tool process improvements.

  • Disciplined approach to driving change through the production processes, delivering clear tangible cost savings, without impacting on the quality of products.
  • Demonstrates a high level of integrity and energy to support change.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Self-motivated and results focused to achieve agreed goals.
  • Minimum HNC qualification, or equivalent experience within a manufacturing / production environment
  • Moulding Silicone, PU foams and Latex Rubber experience preferred.
  • Experience of low volume and batch production environments
  • Strong experience of process evaluation and improvement
  • Good computer skills (Word, Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Email, MRP)
  • An understanding of best practices, JIT, Kaizen, Kanban, Lean etc
  • Knowledge of ISO9001 and process control methods