Jobba med oss

Product Manager

Run through a structure of Category Management, each PM is both responsible for, and a product champion for a defined set of “families”.  The PM’s are the go to person for analysis, performance review, pricing, competition and curriculum relevance.

A key part of the L&T proposition is product development. The inception starts and finishes within Product Management, with the PM holding a significant role (both internally and externally) with the development and launch of each L&T product.



Hero of the Products

Champion the products - Know the products within defined ‘families’ inside out, their competition, how they’re performing, challenges around its positioning, understand campaign work – put ideas forward.

Expert in the subject matter/category

Understand what the industry wants/needs, be the expert on the markets and the curriculums. Build relationships with KOLs and proactively be the voice of the Customer/end user. Get out there more and be present (not just for evaluations).

Cradle-Grave ownership of products

Full lifecycle management - all things operational e.g. pricing, range management/content, case handling and continuous improvement. Be able to evaluate external/3rd party opportunities and their fit within our brand and also the marketplace. 

Ideas generation

Contribute to the gathering of new product ideas, which come from a variety of sources, including but not limited to, curricula, customers, and contacts. Deliver reports of new ideas to HOPM and Commercial Director with recommendations.

Business case & product requirements

Within the 6 phases of an active project, the PM owns the first phase, which includes the delivery of product propositional including financial justification and customer requirements.

Product research, insights, and evaluations

Own the research and insights journey for the product, including early-stage concept idea formation through to physical product evaluations with customers.

Launch support

Coordinate pre-launch activities which centre around communication of product information to onboard the Sales & Marketing teams. Activities and outputs include product training, production of demonstration units, and written copy and images for marketing materials.  


  • Individual product functionality, features and relevance.
  • Position in the market
  • Curriculum needs
  • Competition
  • Performance v expectations
  • Pricing
  • Support to the commercial team
  • Supporting the resolution of product issues within the life of the product.
  • Core target markets
  • Wider simulation environment.
  • Concept research and viability
  • Overall project management through to launch
  • Cross functional working with Research & Development and Production
  • Co-ordination and education to commercial team for product launch
  • Customer/user research e.g. usability testing, surveys and monitoring of positive feedback and complaints.
  • Identify, evaluate and assessment of relevance to business and curriculum needs

Management of relationship with supplier

Design and deliver product training to Sales and internal teams.

  • Degree qualified or equivalent
  • Experience of managing projects
  • At least 3 years’ experience in a similar role (project management)
  • Proven ability to apply knowledge and experience to a small company setting.
  • Practical, hands-on approach, and an interest in how things work with the confidence to constructively challenge when they could be improved.
  • The ability to manage stakeholders.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Numerate
  • Good planning and presentation skills.

A medical qualification or experience within the medical sector

Having worked within the simulation industry