New product range: Venipuncture Arm Range

09 december 2020

The new and improved Venipuncture Arm Range from Limbs & Things facilitates the teaching of venipuncture, IV cannulation, and IV infusion for all levels of training.

New product range: Venipuncture Arm Range

All three arms feature a host of universal elements, including a patent pending skin locking mechanism and vein gripping system. These innovative and previously unseen features ensure the model is easy to re-skin and re-vein whilst maintaining the lifelike palpability and haptics of the underlying basilic, cephalic and dorsal metacarpal veins. The modular vein system included with both the Standard and Advanced trainers enables cost effective training that also reduces waste.

The Basic Venipuncture Arm utilizes a simple vein structure and improved gravity blood supply for realistic, efficient and repeatable training. The basic veins provide trainees with a lifelike representation of the basilic, cephalic and dorsal metacarpal veins for venipuncture.

The Standard Venipuncture Arm features a cost-effective modular vein system that enhances realism and furthers the scope of learning for trainees. In addition to the basilic, cephalic and dorsal metacarpal veins, the modular vein system also includes the commonly injected ACF region. Includes the improved gravity blood supply.

The Advanced Venipuncture Arm incorporates the modular vein system alongside a pressurized pump for the most complete venipuncture training experience. Our improved pump allows trainees to simulate a realistic level of human blood pressure, allowing for true-to-life blood flashback.

All three of our new models are available in light and dark skin-tones. View the new Venipuncture Arm Range video here.