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Chest/Airways Consumables Bundle - Standard (Light Skin Tone)

Skin Tone:

For ATLS V10: this standard pack of consumables is a cost effective way to run training using the L&T Chest Drain & Needle Decompression Trainer (60230) and the TruCorp AirSim Combo X Trainer (TCCTC91100X). Cost per student £14.06 (course of 16).

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    Nåldekompressionsdyna (x2)

    Produktnummer. AAALT60231

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    Bröstdrän standarddyna (x2)

    Produktnummer. AAALT60234

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  • 2 x Wraparound neck skins

    2 x Wraparound neck skins

  • 20 x Larynxes

    20 x Larynxes

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    Bröstdrän- och nåldekompression

    Produktnummer. AAALT60230

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    AirSim Kombo X

    Produktnummer. AATC14

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