Produktnummer. AAALT80222FM

Baby - PROMPT Flex - Advanced

Skin Tone:

An additional or replacement baby for the PROMPT Advanced system (80206).

Fitted with an internal electronic strain gauge which works in conjunction with the force monitoring software, allowing the measurement of force applied to the baby's head during delivery drills, as well as interventions and time to deliver the baby.

The newly restructured articulation in the shoulder and hip joints further enhances the realism for difficult birthing scenarios such as deeply impacted head and shoulder dystocia.

Results can be reviewed, assessed and used as a debriefing tool or competency record. 

Please note:
The PROMPT Flex software may not be compatible with some Android devices. 



  • Bluetooth enabled for realistic training - no wires or control boxes
  • Free downloadable software offers visual representation of force applied to baby's head for shoulder dystocia training  
  • Improved and more realistic limb articulation
  • Durable arms and legs (which are replaceable)


  • Fully articulated, full term baby


  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android
  • Can be linked to computer, tablet or phone via Bluetooth
  • Allows up to 10.5 hours of use with the software before requiring recharge
  • 40 day standby time


  • Wipe clean with a warm damp cloth and mild detergent


  • Latex free


  • Clavicles, fontanelles and flexible head
  • Sutures on baby's head are narrow and shallow to improve suction during vacuum-assisted births
  • Fully articulated hip and shoulder joints


  • Shoulder dystocia management
  • Force monitoring
  • Laddstation


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