Produktnummer. AAALT80061

Behandling av nageltrång

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Skin Tone:

Den här modellen är en nära efterlikning av en infalmmerad tå med en inåtväxande tånagel.




  • Set med 3 tår
  • 2 kilexcisions-procedurer kan utföras per tå
  • Tårna kan bytas ut på bara några sekunder


  • Replicates an inflamed toe of a adult ingrown toenail


  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Interchangeable Toe Ends allows for multiple procedures to be performed per kit



  • Toe and Toe Jig can be wiped clean with water and soap


  • Innehåller latex

Simulerad patient

  • This ingrown toenail simulator can be used for professional-to-patient communication simulation


  • Adult toe with an ingrowing toenail


  • Ringblock-tekniker
  • Applicering av tourniqueter
  • Avlägsnande av tånagel
  • Fenol-tekniker
  • Ablation av nagelband
  • Kilexcisioner - partiell avlägsning av nagel
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Who is required to perform ingrown toenail procedures?
In the UK, general practitioners who specialise in minor surgery should be fully trained in ingrown toenail procedures whilst in the US this would be the responsibility of the family medicine practitioner. Podiatrists will also be required to perform ingrown toenail procedures.

Can you purchase replacement toes for the ingrowing toenail trainer?
Yes, you can buy separate Toe Ends in either dark or light skin tones, which come in packs of 3.

How do you replace a Toe End on the Ingrowing Toenail Trainer?
To remove the toe simply depress the clip located at the back of the Toe Jig that is holding the toe securely and gently pull the Toe End. When attaching a new toe, thread the flexible plastic strip attached to the toe through the slot at the front of the Toe Jig. To secure grip the end of the strip and pull slowly.

Can Trainees use iodine or saline solutions when performing this procedure?
Yes, both saline and iodine solutions are safe to use on the Ingrowing Toenail Trainer when performing procedures. Alternatively, the trainer can be washed using soapy water when multiple procedures are performed on a single toe.

Does the Ingrowing Toenail Trainer contain Latex?
As an initiative to reduce environmental impact and improve trainee safety Limbs & Things are determined to remove latex from all products wherever is possible, as such the Ingrowing Toenail Trainer doesn’t contain any latex.