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Vaccine IM Injection Trainer (Pack of 10) - Light

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Limbs & Things’ Vaccine IM Injection Trainer is the ideal simulation trainer to facilitate the practice and administration of intramuscular tissue injection techniques, including vaccinations. Supplied as a pack of 10, the IM Injection Trainer enables mass tabletop learning in all training environments.

The trainer features realistic and easily identifiable tissue layers that represent the epidermis, dermis, adipose, and muscle. The receptive anatomical layers make this an ideal tool for teaching correct needle positioning to beginners and more clinically experienced individuals.

The fluid-absorbent skin pad allows learners to experience repeatable and realistic subcutaneous and intramuscular injections.

The IM Injection Trainer was developed in response to the global up-skilling of people during the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure that those administering the vaccines are trained correctly.



  • Facilitates intramuscular injection
  • Withstands liquid injection
  • Realistic anatomical layers are easily identifiable through distinct colors
  • Durable material is long lasting


  • Realistic elasticity of the skin
  • Unidirectional stretch to mimic directional collagen in human skin
  • True to life needle resistance


  • Skin is soft to the touch
  • Realistic tissue layers facilitate true to life needle resistance
  • Re-usable foam block and pad to absorb liquid from injection


  • Can be cleaned with all standard clinically used training products
  • We recommend the use of a small amount of Milton disinfecting fluid when cleaning


  • When practicing injection, only use water
  • Ensure the product is completely dried after use and stored in its box between sessions
  • Recommended: allow up to 48 hours before using the trainer for the product to reach room temperature. Very low temperatures can make the material brittle and inflexible


  • Dermis, fat and muscle layers
  • Realistic elasticity of skin


  • Intramuscular injection and vaccination technique
  • Subcutaneous Injection
  • Management of tissue
  • Allows for the discussion of needle size and angle of injection
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    Vaccine IM Injection Trainer (Pack of 10) - Light

    Produktnummer. AAALTSPEC162

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Can you perform intradermal injections on the IM Vaccine trainer?
The IM Injection Trainer has been designed specifically for the practice of intramuscular and subcutaneous injections. If you would like to perform intradermal injections we offer an alternative injection trainer with a removable epidermis.

Does the intramuscular injection trainer come in a dark skin tone?
Yes, the IM Injection Trainer is available in both light (SPEC162) and dark skin tones (SPEC163)