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eoMicro Plus


eoMicro Plus is a take home microsurgical simulator that can be used with any smartphone with hi-res video recording.

The Perspex eoMicro platform is easy to assemble, and has an adjustable stand to accommodate a variety of smartphone sizes.

This microsurgery trainer is ideal for trainees in a broad range of specialties, particularly those in plastic surgery, neurosurgery and ENT.

eoMicro Plus contains:

  • eoMicro Perspex platform
  • Suturing base plate
  • Suture pad
  • Set of standard macro instruments - needle holder, forceps and scissors
  • Micro forceps
  • Micro needle holder
  • Sutures (x8)



  • Microsurgery platform for use with a smartphone
  • Flat pack design for easy storage
  • Ideal for early stage trainees


  • Completely portable
  • Lightweight with sturdy construction


  • Use caution when assembling the eoMicro platform, keep fingers away from connectors and bendable sections
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    eoMicro Plus

    Produktnummer. EO041

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Note: Does not include smartphone.

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