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Pitting Edema (Strap On Type)

Kyoto Kagaku’s Pitting Edema Strap On Simulator is comprised of five variations of pitting edema pads. Graded from Normal to +4, it offers different resistances, depths of indentations, and length of time to rebound.

Trainers can be applied to the lower leg of a simulated patient or manikin for a true to life training experience. The pad grading is based on “Mosby’s Guide to Physical Examination, 7th Edition”.


Does the Pitting Edema trainer support accurate palpation practice when used on a simulated patient?

Yes, pads come with an acrylic board to support them against a patient’s leg. This lets medical students palpate the skin’s surface, using the board as a representation of the underlying bone. It also ensures that any examination is repeatable, and not affected by underlying conditions of the manikin or simulated patient.

Can the pitting edema training pads give a realistic representation of the different levels of pitting?

Yes, the graded edema pads are made of a soft resin that reacts to pressure to mimic four grades of pitting edema

  • Grade +1, 2mm depression (typically rebounds immediately)
  • Grade +2, 4mm depression (typically rebounds in 15 seconds or less)
  • Grade +3, 6mm depression (typically rebounds in 60 seconds)
  • Grade +4, 8mm depression (typically rebounds in around 2 minutes)



  • Model can be used on a simulated by strapping the trainer to the lower leg, or on a bench for self training
  • Allows for practice in the assessment of five grades of pitting edema
  • Pitting edema grading based on “Mosby’s Guide to Physical Examination 7th Edition”
  • Repeatable and accurate practice to identify and assess pitting edemas



  • Soft, life like materials give a realistic representation of a patient with different levels of pitting edema


  • Supports the identification of four stages of pitting edema and normal palpation response
  • Can be used to support training in differential diagnosis of pitting vs non-pitting edema
  • Pads can easily be switched between and attached to manikins or simulated patients using the built-in straps


  • Clean surface with a soft, damp cloth, using mild soapy water or diluted detergent
  • Allow product to dry fully and apply talcum powder before storing


  • This training simulator is latex free
  • Handle trainer with care. The soft resin composite can be damaged with excessive force or impact, this may reduce the life span of the trainer and/or lead to inconsistent results during practice
  • Do not apply any medicines or sterilisation treatments to the model
  • Keep pad surfaces away from printed materials, ink marks can stain the resin and are not removable
  • “No-Trace” Markers should not be used on the pitting edema simulator, resin skin is not compatible with ink

Simulerad patient

  • Pitting edema trainer pads are supplied with adjustable straps suitable for most simulated patients


  • Representation of external skin over the tibial, dorsalis pedis or sacrum bones


  • Assessment of edemas on the lower legs

Differentiation of various levels of pitting edema:

  • Normal
  • 1+ Light pitting / 2mm pitting edema
  • 2+ Moderate pitting / 4mm pitting edema
  • 3+ Deep pitting / 6mm pitting edema
  • 4+ Very deep pitting / 8mm pitting edema
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    Pitting Edema (Strap On Type)

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  • 5 Strap-on pitting edema model (1 piece per variation)