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Shoulder Injection Trainer - Ultrasound Guided (Light Skin Tone)

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Skin Tone:

The latest Ultrasound Guided Shoulder Injection Trainer allows trainees to acquire the key skills of using Ultrasound guidance to locate, inject and aspirate the 4 most commonly treated shoulder sites.

The novel echolucent material has properties comparable to human tissue, giving clear visualisation throughout a procedure. This material is a bespoke formulation for Limbs & Things ultrasound trainer ranges. Thorough testing was performed with popular ultrasound machines. (Image quality may vary on different ultrasound machines.)


The Synovial Fluid used with this product now contains a new preservative which is approved for use by EU cosmetic regulations which means that it is safe for extended skin contact. 

We still recommend the use of gloves, as the pigments may stain skin and clothes.



  • Successful injection can be confirmed by visualising fluid entering the site or by aspirating fluid
  • Watertight and durable for repeated use
  • Echolucent material enables ultrasound imaging of the underlying landmarks


  • Discrete muscle and skin layers for a realistic needle feel
  • Echolucent material within the shoulder creates close to life ultrasound imaging
  • Volume of fluid in the Subdeltoid/Subacromial Bursa can be adjusted, from no fluid present up to fluid-filled distension to give training at a variety of skill levels
  • Nerve block functionality allows trainees to view and inject around the Suprascapular nerve
  • Synovial fluid has realistic colouring


  • Injections from multiple approaches to allow for different preferences
  • Shoulder skins have been vigorously tested for repeated use, ensuring a longer life span for the product
  • Torso is compatible with both palpation guided and ultrasound guided Shoulder Injection modules
  • Watertight design to ensure extended life of product


  • Clean product with a damp cloth
  • Allow product to dry thoroughly before storing


  • This product is latex free
  • Package contains needles
  • Use the needles provided with the simulator, or near new needles of 21 gauge
  • Ultrasound module is extremely delicate, store securely in its protective box when not in use
  • Model conforms with ISO IEC 17050-1:2010 and FCC/CFR 47: Part 15, Sub Part B

Simulerad patient

  • Shoulder trainer can be used with a simulated patient


Internal anatomy:

  • Rotator cuff muscles (represented in one moulded piece)
  • Biceps sheath
  • Bicipital tendon
  • Deltoid muscle
  • Capsule representing:
    • Coracohumeral ligament
    • Superior glenohumeral ligament
    • Coracoacromial ligament
    • Transverse ligament


  • Practice multiple approaches to specific sites
  • Patient positioning and management
  • Identification of anatomical landmarks using ultrasound guidance
  • Competence using ultrasound technology to perform injections in different planes and approaches
  • Viewing or inferring the suprascapular nerve under ultrasound
  • Performing ultrasound guided injections
  • 4 common injection sites:
    • Acromioclavicular Joint
    • Glenohumeral Joint
    • Biceps Tendon Sheath (which lies in the Bicipital Groove and surrounds the tendon)
    • Subdeltoid Bursa (in the Subacromial Space)


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    Shoulder Module with Ultrasound Capability (Light Skin Tone)

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  • Product Image

    Torso axelinjektioner

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    Knävätska (250 ml)

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Palpation with Tablet Palpation without Tablet Ultrasound Guided
What's included 70200 70201 70202
Palpation Guided Shoulder Module (70212) Yes Yes No
Ultrasound Shoulder Module (70213) No No Yes
Shoulder Torso (70215) Yes Yes Yes
Spare Shoulder Skin (Palp, 70210) Yes Yes No
Android Tablet (with preloaded app) Yes No No
2 x AA Batteries Yes Yes No
Needle Set (70108) Yes Yes Yes
Synovial Fluid (250ml, 70022) No No Yes
Carry Case Yes Yes Yes
Elbow Yes Yes Yes
Ultrasound Gel No No Yes

Equipment needed for procedures, not supplied with ultrasound shoulder trainer:

  • Linear Ultrasound Probe
  • Ultrasound Gel
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Can I perform a nerve block injection of this ultrasound guided shoulder injection simulator?

Yes, the ultrasound shoulder trainer is designed to allow trainees to view and inject around the suprascapular nerve to practice nerve blocks.

Does this ultrasound model allow trainees to practice procedures using fluids?

Yes. The Ultrasound Shoulder Injection Trainer was designed with watertight features, fluid can be injected or aspirated from the glenohumeral joint, subdeltoid bursa, acromioclavicular joint, and biceps tendon sheath.