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Ultrasound Shoulder Upgrade Kit (Dark Skin Tone)

PLEASE NOTE: We’re currently experiencing longer lead times on our Ultrasound Shoulders. At this time you can request a quote or contact the team for more information. Existing orders are in-hand, and online purchasing will resume as soon as possible.

The Ultrasound Shoulder Upgrade Kit is an optional add-on to the Palpation Guided Shoulder Injection Trainer (70219). This module is a cost effective solution for customers who already own our Palpation Guided Trainer but would also like to practice ultrasound guided injections. This Kit contains the Ultrasound Guided Shoulder Module (70224), Shoulder Filling Kit (70217), and Synovial Fluid (70022).

This product is available in both a dark and light skin-tone.


The Synovial Fluid used with this product now contains a new preservative which is approved for use by EU cosmetic regulations which means that it is safe for extended skin contact. 

We still recommend the use of gloves, as the pigments may stain skin and clothes.



  • Ultrasound Upgrade Kit for the Palpation Guided Shoulder Injection Trainer (70219/70220)


  • Wipe with a cloth or sponge, using only warm water and mild detergent


  • Empty fluid from the modules before storage
  • Always return the Shoulder Ultrasound Module to its protective box when not in use
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    Knävätska (250 ml)

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    Shoulder Module with Ultrasound Capability (Dark Skin Tone)

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