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Postpartum Hemorrhage Kit PROMPT Flex (Dark Skin Tone)

For the management of postpartum bleeding and care including performing a compression suture and ligating the uterine artery.

To be used in conjunction with the PROMPT Flex Standard or Advanced.


The blood used with this product now contains a new preservative which is approved for use by EU cosmetic regulations which means that, once diluted, it is safe for extended skin contact. 

We still recommend the use of gloves, as the pigments may stain skin and clothes.



  • Blood loss of up to 2 liters can be simulated
  • Air bulbs are used to simulate blood flow and control atonic state of uterus
  • Multiple uses when conducting the compression suture 


  • Management of postpartum bleeding:
    • Fundal massage
    • Bi-manual compression
    • Hemostatic balloon insertion and management 
  • Estimating blood loss
  • All common types of compression suture (including B-Lynch, Hayman and Pereira)
  • Dissection of broad ligament
  • Ligation of uterine arteries
  • Professional-to-patient communication skills
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    Postpartum Hemorrhage Module - PROMPT Flex (Dark Skin Tone)

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    Kompressionssutur av livmoder

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    Pre-incised Delivery Skin for CSM - PROMPT Flex (Dark Skin Tone)

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    Birthing Simulator PROMPT Flex - Advanced (Dark Skin Tone)

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