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Assisted Vaginal Birth Module (AVB) - PROMPT Flex

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The Assisted Vaginal Birth Module is the latest addition to the PROMPT Flex family, creating the ideal trainer for the practice of instrumental delivery procedures.

What types of AVB can be performed with this module?

This module can be used to perform both ventouse and forceps deliveries.

Ventouse delivery – To aid in vacuum assisted vaginal delivery, the AVB module comes with a Baby Mask. This mask is fitted to the PROMPT Baby head to allow the cup of the suction device to adhere to the skin for successful deliveries.

Forcep assisted delivery – Foam inserts in the side of the uterus allow for forceps to be inserted and remain in place while the second side is positioned.



  • Allows training with multiple, different, instruments used during an assisted birth
  • Can be used for both cephalic and breech deliveries
  • Perineum and inserts are designed specifically to enhance this PROMPT Flex product
  • Additional Baby Mask allows for successful suction when using a vacuum device
  • Uterus holds the Baby module in the correct position, allowing for “hand’s free” training


  • Forceps are held in place once inserted
  • Realistic resistance when delivering the baby
  • Realistic suction when attaching a ventouse


  • This module is compatible with the PROMPT Flex Birthing Simulators, PROMPT Flex Baby models and Birthing Mother base units
  • Allows for training in operative vaginal births, including: forceps delivery, ventouse delivery (Kiwi™ cup delivery), breech delivery with Pipers forceps, and vacuum delivery


  • Clean all lubricant from the PROMPT Baby, Birthing Mother, birth canal and perineum, using a soft damp cloth or sponge and warm water with mild detergent
  • Allow all components to dry thoroughly before storing


  • This product is latex free
  • Wear gloves when using this instrumental delivery simulator, sharp surfaces such as fingernails and jewellery can cause damage to the silicone
  • Always use lubricant when using the AVB trainer. We recommend lubricating the PROMPT Baby, birth canal, perineum and forceps
  • When performing a ventouse delivery, clean all lubricant from the baby’s head before fitting the Baby Mask

Simulerad patient


AVB Module represents the following anatomy:

  • Perineum
  • Birth canal
  • Baby head (mask)

Combined with the PROMPT Flex trainer and Baby Module, it represents the female body at birth (abdomen to knee) and a full term baby.



  • Direct cephalic delivery with the use of both forceps and ventouse
  • Forceps – Classical style (Simpson, Elliot, Tucker Mc-Lane etc.)
  • Ventouse (Kiwi™ Cup)
  • Breech delivery (Pipers forceps)
  • Rotational delivery (Kiellands, Kiwi™ cup)
  • Other devices (BD Odon Device™)
  • Application of fundal pressure
  • Teamwork and human factors training in Assisted Vaginal Birth
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    Uterus for AVB - PROMPT Flex

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    Perineum for AVB - PROMPT Flex

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    Baby Mask for AVB (Light Skin Tone)

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    Foam Inserts for AVB - PROMPT Flex

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Can I use our existing PROMPT Baby model with this assisted vaginal birth simulator?

Yes, to ensure you get the best value for money, we have designed this module to work with your existing PROMPT suite of products.

Using the baby on its own, you’re able to perform a forceps delivery, a breech delivery with Pipers forceps, and a BD Odon Device™ assisted delivery.

For a ventouse delivery you will need to add the Baby Mask to your PROMPT Baby. This allows the Kiwi™ cup (or similar device) to successfully attached itself to the softer silicone before birthing the baby.

Do we have to use the foam inserts in the model when running practical sessions?

Yes, the inserts are designed to ensure the model gives accurate resistance during procedures.

The back piece holds the baby at the right angles, while the additional smaller foam inserts are tucked into the side of the uterus and add resistance, as well as holding the forceps in place during the initial positioning.

How many people are required to successfully perform procedures on this model?

When attached to the PROMPT Flex base and securely fastened to a work bench, a single trainee can perform a range of birthing scenarios. If performing a rotational forceps delivery, an additional person would be required to assist in rotating the baby, from behind the trainer.

What types of instruments can be used with the AVB trainer?

This trainer supports a full range of delivery instruments, including:

  • Simpson forceps
  • Elliot forceps
  • Kielland forceps
  • Piper forceps
  • Bailey-Williamson forceps
  • Tucker-McLane forceps
  • Kiwi™ cup
  • BD Odon Device™