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Colles' Fracture Reduction Trainer (Light Skin Tone)

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Designed for Emergency Medicine and Orthopaedic Specialist trainees, the Limbs & Things Colles’ Fracture Reduction Trainer offers repeatable practice in fracture reduction of the wrist. It is also suitable for training junior doctors, Emergency Nurse Practitioners, staff nurses, Orthopaedic Practitioners (or Plasterer Technicians) and Health Care Assistants (HCAs).

The Colles’ Fracture Reduction Trainer represents a fractured distal fragment of the radius and enables trainees to carry out the full procedure, diagnosis through visual inspections, reduction procedure and plastering the arm.

For more accurate real-life simulations, the Colles’ trainer has an adjustable tension mechanism that allows for various levels of difficulty, making it ideal for advanced learning. The design also allows for common mistakes to occur such as a partially reduced fractures, and if the arm is not held correctly when plastered, it will pop back to the original state.

The model has been designed in collaboration with Dr Salwa Malik of Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust and Dr Yasir M. Shaukat of Surrey and Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust.



  • Adjustable tension allows for progressive levels of difficulty
  • Trainees can perform all three stages of reduction: Exaggeration (to dis-impact the fracture), Traction and Flexion
  • Accommodates various plastering techniques, including back slab, circular cast, sugar-tong splint, and 3-point moulds
  • Stand allows the Colles’ Fracture arm to be placed at a variety of heights for different patient scenarios


  • Fractured distal fragment of radius, and head & body of the ulna bone for visual and palpable identification
  • Realistic representation of a distal angulation (dinner-fork) deformity
  • Life-like haptic feedback when conducting the procedure


  • Adjustable tension makes this trainer a perfect tool for OSCE courses
  • The stand allows the Colles’ Fracture arm to be placed at a variety of heights for different patient scenarios   


  • Clean skin surface with soft, damp cloth and mild detergent


  • This product is latex free

Simulerad patient

  • This product can be used with a simulated patient


  • Fractured distal fragment of radius
  • Head and body of the ulna


  • Visual inspection & identification
  • Reduction of the fracture including Exaggeration (to dis-impact the fracture), Traction and Flexion
  • Plastering techniques
  • Teamwork and communication when reducing the fracture
  • Colles' Fracture Arm (With skin included)

    Colles' Fracture Arm (With skin included)

  • Adjustable Height Stand

    Adjustable Height Stand

  • Hex Keys (x2) - Large and Small

    Hex Keys (x2) - Large and Small


Can a single person perform training with the Colles’ distal radius model?
The Colles trainer should always be used with a minimum of two people, conducting traction and counter traction, even when using the stand.

What are the Hex Keys used for that are supplied with the Colles’ Fracture Reduction Trainer?
The Hex Keys are used to adjust the tension mechanism, allowing trainers to alter the difficulty of the procedure for advanced learning.

What size are the Hex Keys used with the Colles’ Fracture Trainer?
The Larger Hex Key is 5mm and the Smaller Hex Key is 2.5mm.
The Imperial equivalent is 3/16 for the larger Hex and 3/32 for the smaller one.

Does the Colles’ Fracture Reduction Trainer allow for visualisation through ultrasound?
This trainer has been designed for physical assessment and Colles’ fracture reduction procedures and doesn’t possess any ultrasound capabilities.