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TruPICC (Light Skin Tone)

Showcasing correct and realistic vascular anatomy, lifelike feel and responsiveness, the TruPICC IV training arm supports ultrasound guided PICC line and IV placement training to develop needle placement, guidewire and catheter insertion skills using the Seldinger technique.

IV Arm Training

  • Clear differentiation between the basilic vein and the brachial vein
  • Realistic visualisation of the median cubital, brachial and basilic veins under ultrasound
  • User feedback upon correct needle entry (vascular tenting and withdrawal of fluids

PICC Line Training

  • Full catheter PICC line placement
  • Supports practice of the Seldinger technique
  • Ultrasound verification of correct catheter placement is possible on the upper chest acoustic window
  • Model allows for fluid injection to verify needle tip location



  • Realistic ultrasound guided PICC line insertion
  • Uses innovative self-healing TruUltra material
  • Ideal for training in peripherally inserted central catheters (PICC) and IV insertion
  • Quick and easy set-up
  • Easily transportable in supplied carrier
  • Acoustic window in chest of torso allows for Ultrasound verification of correct catheter placement


  • Realistic visualisation of the underlaying vascular anatomy
  • Vascular tenting upon entry into the vessel


  • Uses self-healing material (TruUltra) to support over 800 needle incisions
  • Compatible with all ultrasound machines


  • Remove lubricant residue from the training arm
  • Mild detergents or enzymatic cleaning agents should be used only in-line with manufacturer’s instructions
  • Arm can be fully sanitised by wiping the silicone skin with a 75%+ alcohol spray
  • Ensure that all components are completely dry before reassembling and storing


  • Ensure training arm is placed on a flat surface
  • Procedures should only be performed on the ultrasound insert

Please do not use any of the following when cleaning the TruUltra product range:

  • Germicides, disinfectants, or chemical agents such as glutaraldehyde (e.g. Cidex®)
  • Ethylene oxide, phenol-based cleaners or iodine-containing cleaners


  • Adult male right arm
  • Upper right torso and shoulder

Vascular anatomy:

  • Brachial artery
  • Brachial vein
  • Cephalic vein
  • Basilic vein
  • Median cubital vein


  • Ultrasound guided PICC Line insertion
  • Full catheter PICC line placement
  • Intravenous cannulation
  • Visualisation of the underlying vascular anatomy
  • Differentiation between the basilic vein and the brachial artery
  • Seldinger technique
  • Ultrasound techniques
  • Verifying correct catheter placement in the superior vena cava
  • Administration and withdrawal of fluids
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    TruPICC (Light Skin Tone)

    Produktnummer. TCTPIC100

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    Black Carrier Bag (PICC)

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Also included: 

250ml bottle of artificial blood concentrate (replacement 4 x 250ml pack is available)

1 luer lock syringe 


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    TruPICC Insert (Light Skin Tone)

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  • Product Image

    Black Carrier Bag (PICC)

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What consumables are required for ongoing training with this ultrasound trainer?

You’ll receive 1 fitted TruPICC insert and 1 bottle of artificial blood concentrate (250ml) with your initial delivery.


The ultrasound images are poor quality, how can I improve the visuals?

The most common cause of poor image quality is air inside the blood. Inserting an additional 10-20ml of blood into the cephalic and basilic veins will normally resolve this issue.


What equipment is recommended for use with the TruPICC IV Training Arm?

For optimal performance when using the TruPICC, TruCorp recommend the following:

  • Size 20G needle for IV cannulation
  • Size 4F PICC catheter with soft tip guidewire, single lumen, approximately 55-60cm long

Please note: Do not use a needle larger than 18G, due to the nature of the TruUltra material, larger gauge needles could cause permanent damage, and may void the product warranty.