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TruIV Block (Dark Skin Tone)

TruCorp’s TruIV Block is efficient and easy to set up, giving more time for learning IV cannulation skills and ultrasound techniques.

Designed to represent a variety of patient types, it contains   both superficial and deeps veins at a range of diameters (4-8mm). It also features fascia layers for enhanced realism.

Made with the self-healing TruUltra material, this IV trainer is capable of repeatable practice for over 4000 needle penetrations across the 8 veins. As the block rests, the needle marks disappear by up to 90% in 24 hours.



  • Ideal model for training IV placement under ultrasound.
  • Simplistic design for quick set-up and focused learning
  • Utilises intrinsic 'self-healing’ TruUltra material to diminish appearance of needle insertions
  • Positive feedback to user from successful IV cannulation


  • 8 veins, superficial and deep
  • Lifelike vascular tenting upon successful entry into a vessel
  • Clear fascia layers


  • Longitudinal and transverse anatomical viewing options
  • Supplied in a durable carry case for easy transportation and safe storage
  • Suitable for use with all ultrasound machines


  • Wipe off excess lubrication from the model
  • Drain excess blood from the reservoir as instructed in the User Manual
  • Clean outside of block with warm soapy water or mild detergent until residue is removed
  • Do not submerge block in water
  • As a further step to fully sanitise the product, use an alcohol spray (75%+) and wipe off (This can be performed on both the silicone and latex parts of the manikin)


  • Optimal needle size for cannulation is 20G, using a large size may cause permanent damage and void the warranty
  • Ensure model is placed on a flat surface, and that all ports are set to the correct positions before filling or procedures
  • Do not use strong detergents or enzymatic cleaning agents on this trainer, such as, germicides, disinfectants, chemical agents, ethylene oxide, phenol-based or iodine-containing cleaners


IV block representing IV cannulation sites:

  • 4 superficial veins
  • 4 deep veins


  • Probe positioning and movement
  • Identification of veins in soft responsive tissue
  • Targeting veins for vascular access
  • Ultrasound guided IV cannulation
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    TruIV Block (Dark Skin Tone)

    Produktnummer. TCTIV100DS

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    Black Carrier Bag (Baby)

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Also included:

1 x 60ml syringe

2 x tubes for fluid insertion/removal


NOTE: Please retain the product base when you replace the TruIV Insert.

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    TruIV Block Insert (Dark Skin Tone)

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  • Product Image

    Black Carrier Bag (Baby)

    Produktnummer. TCJBAG03

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What gauge of needle is recommended for use with the TruIV Block?

The manufacturer recommends using a size 20G needle for intravenous cannulation. While you can use any appropriate needle for practice, do not use anything larger than 18G, as this may damage the model and void your warranty.


How much set-up does the training model require before it can be used in practice?

Once out of the box, there are two steps to take before training can begin.

  1. Prime with artificial blood – prepare approximately 200ml of concentrated blood (available separately) and fill the two vein compartments as per the user manual
  2. Apply ultrasound gel – apply gel to the block and/or probe as required

This process shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes, for full instructions, you can download the User Manual from the “Download” tab.


Who is this product designed for, and who will benefit from training with the TruIV Block?

  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Anaesthetist programs
  • Surgical training programs
  • Ultrasound/Sonography training programs
  • Radiology training programs
  • Medical simulation centres & education facilities
  • Nursing
  • Manufacturers of ultrasound devices