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TruNerve Block (Light Skin Tone)

TruNerve is a multi-functional ultrasound simulator designed for clinicians, nurses, emergency medicine and medical education facilities, to aid in nerve block, IV insertion and bone imaging training.

The innovative TruUltra material allows the block to heal between training sessions, and has a 90% regeneration when left overnight. This gives trainees a fresh surface to work with for repeatable practice.

What are the benefits of the TruNerve Block?

Ultrasound guided vascular access

Using the TruNerve trainer allows trainees to recognise 3D structures in the flat images displayed. This skill means clinicians will be able to successfully the needle tip to the correct position to administer regional anaesthesia.

The nerve block has two vessels (different sizes and depths) embedded within it, they can be identified with an ultrasound probe, and upon successful entry flashback and vascular tenting are visible.

Ultrasound bone imaging

Materials within the TruNerve Block have the acoustic properties of human soft tissues and bones. Ultrasound imaging can be used to identify bone fragments and diagnose bone stress injuries.

Ultrasound education

An ideal model for teaching a range of ultrasound techniques from probe positioning and movement to how to interpret imaging to perform successful needle insertions.



  • Exclusive, durable TruUltra self-healing material can withstand over 1,000 needle incisions
  • Ultrasound nerve block provides hands on training in ultrasound guided nerve blocks, IV insertion and bone imaging
  • Offers effective training in ultrasound guided regional anaesthesia


  • Realistic blood flashback upon entry into the vessel
  • Blood flow replicated by the integrated fluid management system
  • Colour Doppler detection of blood flow


  • 3 in 1 ultrasound model for ultrasound guided nerve blocks, IV insertion, and bone imaging
  • Longitudinal and transverse anatomical viewing options
  • Powered by either USB-A to USB-C cable or AA batteries
  • High frequency linear array ultrasound probes can be used on this model
  • Self-healing ultrasound material can withstand repeated practice


  • Remove excess lubricant residue and fluids from the nerve block
  • Surfaces can be cleaned with warm water and mild detergent
  • Do not submerge trainer in water
  • Mild detergents or enzymatic cleaning agents should be used in-line with manufacturer’s instructions
  • This trauma manikin can be fully sanitised by wiping the silicone skin and latex airways with a 75%+ alcohol spray
  • Ensure that all components are completely dry before storing


  • Always unplug the base unit before replacing parts or refilling fluid
  • Ensure that the TruNerve trainer is placed on a flat surface for procedures
  • Trainer is powered by USB cable or 6 AA batteries
  • Supplied with a USB-A to USB-C cable

Please do not use any of the following when cleaning this product:

  • Germicides, disinfectants, or chemical agents such as glutaraldehyde (e.g. Cidex®)
  • Ethylene oxide, phenol-based cleaners or iodine-containing cleaners


This ultrasound nerve block model recreates:

  • Epidermal layer
  • Two simulated vessels
  • Nerve bundle
  • Fractured bone
  • Fascia layers


  • Ultrasound guided regional anaesthesia
  • Ultrasound guided vascular access
  • IV cannulation (venipuncture and vein cannulation)
  • Injection of simulated anaesthetics, visual air & fluid retention possible
  • Injection of fluid around the nerve
  • Identification of arterial and venous blood flow
  • Fractured bone identification
  • Ultrasound education and demonstration
  • Probe positioning and movement
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    TruNerve Block (Light Skin Tone)

    Produktnummer. TCTNB110

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    Black Carrier Bag (Baby)

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Also included: 

2 x 250ml concentrated blood (Refill packs of 5 are available)

2 x 250ml TruUltra Gel (Refill packs of 5 are available)

2 x 20ml luer lock syringes/adapters for set-up 

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    TruNerve Block Insert (Light Skin Tone)

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  • Product Image

    Black Carrier Bag (Baby)

    Produktnummer. TCJBAG03

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    TruUltra Gel (5 x 250ml bottles)

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    Trucorp Lubrication

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    Concentrated Blood (5 x 250ml bottles)

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What brands of Ultrasound equipment can be used with the TruNerve?

The proprietary TruUltra material can be used with virtually any commercially available Ultrasound machine with a linear probe.


What set up is required to use the TruNerve once it is delivered?

As soon as you receive your TruNerve, you will be able to use it for Nerve Block training, as the TruUltra gel is pre-filled and the procedure can be practiced without power.

To perform IV procedures, you will need to prepare approximately 200ml of mock blood, and fill the reservoir in the black base via the “blood in” input. Once filled, attach the block to the power and turn on the trainer, within a few minutes, the block will fill with blood and be ready to use.

Always follow the instructions as listed by the manufacturer, you can download the User Manual from the “Downloads” tab.


What equipment is recommended for use with the TruNerve trainer?

TruCorp recommend using 21-gauge needles for IV cannulation, and 21- to 22-gauge needles for simulated regional anaesthesia administration.