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Shoulder Injection Trainer - Palpation Guided (without tablet) (Dark Skin Tone)

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The Palpation guided Shoulder Injection Trainer, offers an ideal way to learn and effectively teach the skills needed for injections in the 4 most common shoulder sites.

The android compatible app allows learners and teachers visualize the underlying anatomy, as well as clearly signalling success. This helps increase the accuracy and speed of learning. The app links to the ShoulderDoc website which, courtesy of Prof. Lennard Funk, provides information and directions for shoulder injection techniques.

This trainer does not include an accompanying tablet. 

This product is available in both a dark and light skin-tone.



  • Palpation to find the four most common injection sites
  • Instant feedback for the trainee when a site is correctly located
  • Injections from multiple approaches to allow for different preferences
  • Suitable for postgraduate learning
  • App features full 360-degree view of underlying anatomy and injection site to aid learning
  • The app is available in five languages: English, Spanish, Mandarin, French and German
  • Cost effective replacement skins


  • Discrete muscle and skin layers for realistic needle feel


  • Each skin can withstand up to 500 injections per site (1x spare shoulder skin supplied)
  • Requires only a standard needle (supplied)
  • Batteries (2x AA supplied) last for up to 500 hours


  • Latex free
  • Contact us for compatibility details regarding your tablet
  • One tablet is required per shoulder used in training


  • Adult male torso with right shoulder
  • Features all the relevant landmarks and structures
  • Injection sites:
    • Acromioclavicular Joint
    • Glenohumeral Joint
    • Bicipital Groove
    • Subacromial Space


  • Landmark palpation to identify sites
  • Practice injection of the four most common sites
  • Flexibility to learn multiple approaches to specific sites
  • Rotation of the shoulder to locate head of the humerus
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